Collection: Laptop Backpacks

Backpacks have become omnipresent in the modern era of day-to-day luggage. If you're a tech whiz, or you simply like a bigger bag for your laptop and other necessities that don’t include gadgets, a laptop backpack can be more convenient than a bag. By investing in a laptop, you get to do your work from anywhere and everywhere at any given time. When you have to take it with you from place to place, and you want good protection alongside modern luggage design, that's where Bags by Benson's laptop backpacks come in.

 Whether you’re going to the office or you need your electronic devices for school, your laptop, tablet, phones, water bottles, and all of the other stuff that you need on the road will fit much better in a sturdy backpack than in any type of bag.

If you need a quality backpack for your laptop, we have an extensive offer of best laptop backpacks Australia wide. Our backpacks feature a modern look, are very useful, comfortable, and affordable. Take a look at what we have to offer!

Laptop Bag Sizing Guide
  Recommended Backpack Height Recommended Backpack Width
11 Inch Minimum 32cm Minimum 19cm
13 Inch Minimum 35cm Minimum 22cm
15 Inch Minimum 39cm Minimum 26cm
17 Inch Minimum 42cm Minimum 28cm