Collection: Women's Laptop Bags

In this day and age, gadgets are our irreplaceable job tools. Having a laptop allows you to do your work with more ease and from every place you could imagine. With a modern laptop, you’ll need a stylish and practical bag to help you carry it around without being afraid you’ll damage the device. If you’re looking for a new sleek laptop bag, at our shop, you’ll find the best choice of laptop bags for women and men in all Australia. Want to feel like an epic human with a Laptop Bag to match? Get amongst these classy designs to smarten up your look!

The best laptop bags offer plenty of efficacy. Bags from our shop are specifically designed to take the hassle out of transporting your laptop along with the rest of your essential computing materials and supplies. Laptop bags from Bags by Benson offer so much more than hassle-free laptop transportation.  All the bags, backpacks and briefcases from this category will transport your digital devices around town safely, but also offer a plethora of other features.

There are certain features and benefits offered by laptop bags Australia wide which our bags also offer.  When you start looking for a laptop bag, it's essential that it offers plenty of storage. With our bags, you'll also stay well-organised, and keep everything safe thanks to the quality closure systems.  Along with those, our laptop bags offer loads of other features.

Laptop Bag Sizing Guide
 Laptop Size Recommended Bag Width Recommended Bag Height
13 Inch Minimum 34cm Minimum 24cm
15 Inch Minimum 39cm Minimum 28cm
17 Inch Minimum 42cm Minimum 28cm