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Manhan Neoprene Bag

Manhan Neoprene Bag

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This Neoprene bag from Manhan is an essential addition to your collection, they are practical, versatile and look great. They are large enough to fit your essentials and more, while being compact enough to easily throw over your shoulder.
Are you going to the beach this weekend, perhaps a day out in the city, or off to the countryside, perhaps a wine tour, or even just to work? These Neoprene bags suit every occasion. Whatever your day brings, these Neoprene bags will make you stand out from the crowd, while maintaining your style and being completely practical and functional. Grab one of these fashionable Neoprene bags today.
Durable Neoprene Fabric
Strong Cord Handles
Large Interior Space

Blue, Grey, Green
Length: 36 cm 
Width: 25 cm 
Height: 32 cm 
Weight: 0.50 kg 
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